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Eat & Exercise (Spiritually)

Reading is to the mind what eating is to the body. It’s the process of ingesting the substances you need in order to survive and grow. Food feeds the body with physical substance. Reading feeds the mind with philosophical substance.

Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It’s the process of taking what you already have and doing specific activities that will help you increase agility, flexibility, circulation, and strength. Exercise gets the body into physical shape. Meditation gets the mind into psychological shape.

In physical life, eating and exercising are both necessary.

In the inner life, reading and mediating are both necessary.

If you want to build a healthy inner life, take what you already know about the body and apply it to the mind: eat (read) and exercise (meditate) Take the time to consistently seek out new perspectives (read) and create the space for getting to know your own voice (meditate).

There’s more to life than reading and meditating, but regularly engaging in these two activities will help you bring a greater sense of inner life to your already existing outer life.

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