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Get Moving

How often do we reject opportunities for self-advancement merely because it’s too late to pursue our ideal version?

I’m too old.

I’m too far gone.

I have too many kids now.

I have too many obligations at this stage of my life.

Remember the old saying about shooting for the stars in order to land among the planets?

The purpose of having goals is to keep pushing ourselves to evolve. It’s to help us stave off the forces of resistance and complacency that threaten to transform us into boring mediocre versions of our real self. When we stop setting goals, we stop growing.

But I’ll never achieve my original ideal!

Do what all great writers do: review the story you’re telling, make edits, and keep writing. Who says your original ideal was the best ideal anyway?

But I might fall short of some very important standards!

Delete the word “might” from that sentence. You WILL fall short of some very important standards. It’s a fact of life.

Here’s another fact:¬†Perfection is not a prerequisite for progress.
Here’s a corollary:¬†imperfection is not an excuse for inactivity.

A friend shared the following words with me this morning: “It’s too late to do some things, but it’s never too late to do something.”

If your windows of opportunity seem to be closing, build new windows.

As long as you’re breathing, there’s never an expiration date for becoming alive.

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