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Your output is what you create. It’s how you serve the world. It’s the stuff you do when you’re making your presence felt.

Your input is what you ingest, what you internalize, what you integrate into your personality through spiritual practice and personal development. It’s the stuff you feed your soul and it’s the substance you draw from when it’s time to create.

Output is when you produce value. Input is when you become value.

Both are necessary, but input has to come first. If you want to have an impact on society, that process has to begin with the nurturing of your own soul. And it’s a process that can never be allowed to end.

Every time you generate output, that’s like making a withdrawal from your bank account. You may have very good reasons for making the withdrawal, but it’s still going to deplete your resources if you keep making withdrawals without making deposits.

The greater your demands for output, the more aggressive you need to be about investing towards your input.

Create value for others, but don’t forget to do the little things that will make you the kind of person for whom value-creation is organic and uncoerced. Your outer work is nothing less than a window of opportunity for the world to be blessed by your inner work.

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