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Lazy Is As Lazy Does

There are no lazy people.

There are only people who lack the motivation for specific tasks.

As an example, let’s take a person who comes up with excuses every single time a demanding task is presented to them. It’s easy to just dismiss the individual under question as lazy, but the consistency with which they generate excuses is actually a sign of determination and persistence. Clearly when it comes to performing unwanted tasks, the so-called lazy person is willing to work very hard at avoiding work.

Laziness, just like diligence, is relative. Just as there is no example of a person who works hard at every single thing, there’s zero evidence for a person who’s lazy at every single thing.

Instead of lazily dismissing people as lazy jusy because you can’t find ways of motivating them to do the things you want them to do, put in a little effort and find out what drives them.

Behind every lazy person is an ambitious person just waiting for an opportunity to channel his or her creative energy into work that matters. The problem isn’t that our world is filled with too many people who don’t want to work. The problem is that our world is filled with too many people who haven’t been shown how to find work that’s worth working for.

Show people how to do what they love. And if you can’t do that, show them how to find the love in what they do. That’s the only way we can eradicate the specter of laziness.

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