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This Is How You Get It

When you show respect, you become more respectable.

When you give love, you become more lovable.

When you strive to see the beauty in others, you become more beautiful in the process.

When you proactively look for things to appreciate, you become more appreciable.

When you praise things that are worthy of praise, you too become more praiseworthy.

When you uncover the genius of those around you, your own quality of genius begins to more fully emerge.

When you speak to others as if they are intelligent, you actually end up sounding more intelligent.

In all things, the great secret of getting is giving. If you want to see a certain quality or state of affairs manifested in your life, find a way to make it happen for someone else.

Strive to be a value-creator.

When you create wealth for others, your own life becomes more enriched.


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