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If You Want To Live Freely, Own Your Choices

People aren’t afraid of failure. People are afraid of ownership. They’re afraid of taking ownership of their choices. People don’t mind failure that much as long as they can put it off on someone else. It’s responsibility that scares us.

That’s why we love to run back and forth asking everyone what to do. It’s not that we desperately want to get it right. It’s that we desperately want to avoid having the sole responsibility for getting it wrong. We want the security of knowing that others will share our burden if things don’t work out.

This is how we gradually lose our freedom and power. We trade it away in exchange for the security of not having to take full ownership of our decisions. This is why our world is filled with so many individuals who abandon what they really want in order to fit in with the crowd.

We want to live freely. We want to live powerfully. But we don’t want to forego the luxury of being able to say “Well, this is what THEY told me to do”

The risk of losing makes us nervous, but it’s the risk of being alone with the consequences of our choices that paralyzes us.

This post is a rewrite of Stop Being Afraid of Your Own Power.

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