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The Cycle Of Self-Sabotage

Did you know that more people are afraid of giving a public speech than they are of dying?

That makes perfect sense to me.

There are no responsibilities that come with being dead. It’s somebody else’s job to plan your funeral, perform the eulogy, and properly bury you. All you have to do is lie there and be dead. It’s impossible to get it wrong.

Our world is a world of the walking dead. We live for being dead. We exist to do things that are impossible to get wrong. So we treat things like leading, innovating, and art-making as if these are special tasks to be performed by special people. These are the chosen ones.

If the chosen ones get it wrong, we get to be angry, annoyed, or amused. And when we get angry, annoyed, or amused, we engage in the revolutionary and daring act of belittling the chosen ones.

This is the little game we play: always picking on the chosen ones, but never picking ourselves to join the chosen ones; always feeling superior to those who are out there stumbling on the playing field, but constantly dodging the challenge to live up to our own greatness

This post is a rewrite of Stop Being Afraid of Your Own Power.

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