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Break Your Own News


Relative to some media company’s self-interest, there’s a breaking news story every few minutes.

If you try to keep up with it all, you’ll get to think of yourself as an “informed” citizen, but towards what end? Whose agenda is informing you? Whose priorities are shaping your concept of what it means to be informed? How much of that information is relevant to helping you create the results that matter most to you? How much of that information contributes to your awareness of the power you have to change the world? How often are you placing someone else’s definition of being “informed” above what your own intelligence is telling you?

Don’t let the headlines dominate your attention-span.

Instead of devoting your life energy to BREAKING NEWS, devote it to BREAKING PATTERNS of self-negation, mediocrity, and fear. Devote it to BREAKING FREE from the reaction/response orientation. Devote it to BREAKING CHAINS of addiction and apathy. Devote it to BREAKING ROUTINES that no longer serve your highest interests.

What you do with your time today WILL matter 10 years from now. The same isn’t true of most headlines.

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