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The Principle Thing

Being liked? Overrated.

Come talk to me when those same people are annoyed or disappointed with you.

Feeling good? Overrated.

Come talk to me when your emotions betray you and you wake up feeling sluggish, crappy, alienated, and downtrodden for no apparent reason.

Here’s what’s not overrated: being a person of principle.

Have things that you can live for regardless of how you or anyone else feels about you in the moment. Have values, ideas, and convictions that move you out of bed and keep you going at any time on any day during any season.

Your feelings, your friends, and even your family will have days when they let you down, but principles will endure the test of trying times.

It’s the principles that guide us. It’s the principles that remain stable when the earth seems to crumble beneath our feet. It’s principles that anchor us in something deeper than our ability to get our way or get along. Principles are the principle thing.

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