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Start With Yourself

Today I heard Charlamagne Tha God say,

“I think people wake up in the morning and go on social media to find out what they should care about for the day.”

The fastest way to give away your power is by letting someone else’s concerns dictate the direction of your attention. If you want to be in control of your life, be in control of your mind. That doesn’t mean “think happy thoughts and turn your frowns upside down.” That means “make your own decisions about what’s important.”

Terence McKenna called this the process of “creating your own culture.”

Robert Anton Wilson called it “refusing to believe in anyone’s B.S. (Belief System).”

Whatever you call it, just do it. Instead of letting the latest tweet, blog post, or headline determine how you focus your attention, let your own inner understanding of what makes you come alive be the driving force in your life.

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