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Now Trending: Your Life

When I logged onto Facebook, here’s what I saw in the trending topics section of my Newsfeed:

Facebook 1



In case that wasn’t clear, let’s take a look at the close-up…

Facebook 2





That’s right, folks. The top trending topic is about Adolf Hitler’s genital abnormalities. And right below it is some information about what a famous actor was wearing. A couple of days ago, I wrote a post citing this quote from Charlamagne Tha God:

“I think people wake up in the morning and go on social media to find out what they should care about for the day.”

I followed with this simple point:

The fastest way to give away your power is by letting someone else’s concerns dictate the direction of your attention. If you want to be in control of your life, be in control of your mind. That doesn’t mean “think happy thoughts and turn your frowns upside down.” That means “make your own decisions about what’s important.”

In my above screenhots, you have an example of how easily you can drain your precious life away by unwittingly taking cues from the world about what’s “trending.” I don’t know who decides what’s trending, but here’s one thing I do know: If you don’t want your potential to go to waste, you’d better decide for yourself.

The story of your life — your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations — is far more compelling than any newly emerging facts about Hitler’s genitalia.

We’re not here on this planet to just talk about the random things that famous people are doing. We’re here to create our own adventures. We’re not just here to follow the latest fads. We’re here to make a mark on the world that will last beyond our lifetimes. We’re not here to treat every flashy headline as if it matters. We’re here to treat our own potential and our own plans as if they matter.

Don’t be a slave to consensus reality. Don’t be hypnotized by the hype-machine. Don’t let your brain rot away in a vain effort to keep up with the latest story that somebody wants you to believe is important.

Get excited about your own story.

Form your own opinions.

Start your own trends.

Determine your own priorities.

Invent your own understandings of what it means to be cool and interesting.


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