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Failure is Your Friend (If You Make it So)

Failure isn’t the problem. It’s the point.

The whole aim of learning is to make the discoveries and master the skills that will ultimately help you create the results you need and want.

Failure isn’t some sort of distraction from learning. It’s the most basic tool of learning. It’s the primary means by which self-knowledge and skill development are attained.

If looking like you know everything is the goal, failure is bad.

If never being reminded of your human finitude is the goal, failure is bad.

If avoiding punishment from authority figures who look down upon failure is the goal, failure is bad.

If looking pretty while you pursue your goals is the goal, failure is bad.

If getting there overnight is the goal, failure is bad.

In other words, if your goals are bad, then you’ll likely be convinced that failure is bad too.

If you’re in the business of using every experience as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself, however, there’s no better way than by taking creative risks, trying new things, and using your failures as a feedback mechanism for personal growth.

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