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The Rightness Of Being Wrong

You’re going to be wrong.

If you see being wrong as something to always be afraid of, then you’re wrong about being wrong. If you were never wrong, you’d never learn anything new. It makes no sense to seek improvements in your thinking unless there’s something about your current belief system that isn’t proper or precise.

What matters isn’t that you’re always right. What matters is that you’re always learning, always studying, always exposing your mind to contrasting perspectives.

If the goal is to pursue truth, your focus should be less on being right and more on becoming the kind of person who is very likely to engage ideas that will challenge your assumptions and disrupt your unconscious habits.

Instead of trying to be correct, try to be curious. Instead of trying to escape criticism, try to escape complacency. Instead of trying to avoid bad ideas, try to avoid overconfidence in any of your ideas.

Of course, bad ideas should be avoided.

Of course, being correct is better than being incorrect.

Of course, you should work very hard to be careful in your conclusions.

You’re far more likely to achieve these goals, however, if you place greater emphasis on becoming intelligent in the future than on looking impressive in the present.

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