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Fear of The Undone

How much of your time have you dedicated to fighting cancer? Was it enough?

How much of your money have you donated to leukemia research? Was it enough?

How many hours have you logged in at the soup kitchen or at your nearest homeless shelter? Was it enough?

How much have you invested in the fight against poverty this year? Was it enough?

When was the last time you pitched in to help reduce the number of women who die due to complications during pregnancy and childhood? Was it enough?

What about education? Are you doing anything to improve the quality of education in this country? Other countries? Have you done enough?

What about orphans, abandoned and abused animals, community development, wildlife conservation, and environmental pollution? Have you done enough?

I could list several dozen causes one could fight for, but I think the above list suffices to show that we all come up short if the goal of life is to dedicate equal time and energy to every cause.

One of the most difficult facts to accept about life is that you’re going to leave a ton of good left undone by the time you die. Regardless of how hard you work, there will still be causes that you’ll never get around to fighting for. It comes with the territory of being finite.

Many of us hold back from doing little acts of good because we’re afraid it won’t be enough. The key to overcoming this fear is the realization that nothing we do will ever be “enough” and that’s okay.

Challenge yourself to make the world a better place, but don’t carry the burden of thinking you need to give equal time, energy, equal money, and equal attention to every cause. Help out in whatever way you feel passionate about. As long as you’re doing something, the world gets to move forward. As long as you’re wallowing in self-condemnation over what you haven’t done, the world has to wait on you to get over yourself.

Remember this: The world doesn’t need your guilt. It needs your contribution. Don’t let the fear of what remains undone be a factor that keeps you from doing whatever bit of good you can do. Keep your head up and keep your hand out. Somebody somewhere is reaching out for help and you might be the one to pull them up.

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