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The Blameless Path Isn’t Blameless

The pursuit of greatness is different from the pursuit of blamelessness.

The former is about pushing yourself to go beyond preconceived limitations. It’s about reaching for your best and refusing to settle for less than what you know your nature demands of you.

The latter is about making sure you don’t get caught screwing up. It’s about seeing to it that nothing bad happens on your watch.

The price of greatness is blamelessness. It comes at the expense of making mistakes and having your errors exposed. If you want to be great, you have to give up the luxury of never having to say “it was my fault.”

The price of blamelessness is greatness. It comes at the expense of becoming a better version of yourself. If you want to be blameless, you have to give up the opportunity to build the kind of legacy that can only belong to those who are willing to say “My bad. I’ll work on it and do it better next time.”

The problem with blamelessness is that it’s the only path that is guaranteed to not pay off.

If you choose greatness for instance, you’ll have to sacrifice being immune from criticism, but at least you’ll become a better version of yourself. Even if you don’t achieve everything you originally set out to do, you’ll make tons of personal improvements, you’ll gain tons of respect, and you’ll discover far more about yourself than you would have known by living a risk-adverse lifestyle.

If you choose blamelessness on the other hand, you will definitely pay the price of compromising your potential, but you’ll also discover that you’ll still be criticized, ridiculed, misunderstood, and held in contempt by tons of people who simply don’t agree with your philosophy.

The path of greatness doesn’t lead to blamelessness, but it will be definitely make you greater.

The path of blamelessness will neither lead to blamelessness or greatness. You will fail to be great AND you will be blamed for your failure.

If you want to stay out of trouble, wake up and smell that coffee because that’s never going to happen. If you want to take a path that will offer you something in return for your troubles, choose greatness.

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