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It Starts With You, Not Them

Self-love isn’t about being narcissistic — it’s about learning to respect yourself as a being of power. It’s about choosing to embrace your beauty and giving yourself permission to express your own unique form of brilliance.

When you respect yourself, you don’t have to work hard at respecting others. When can see your own beauty, it’s not that difficult to recognize forms of beauty besides your own. When you’ve given yourself permission to be brilliant, it’s only natural that you’ll seek to inspire everyone else to do the same.

This is love: a healthy relationship to the self that is projected onto the external world.

Loving others isn’t the goal of life, it’s the symptom of life. It’s what you automatically do when you’re infected with the knowledge of your own worth.

Love all the wonderful things you choose to love, but don’t forget to love yourself.


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