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But That Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Some people are quick to greet any new idea with “Well, that doesn’t work for everyone.”

In the quest for happiness, health, success, or whatever else we happen to be searching for, it’s tempting to look for a single map, a single strategy, a single piece of advice that literally leaves no one out of the equation.

If the goal is to produce standard results, then what could possibly be better than pursuing a standard approach? If you want your life to be like everyone else’s, then why not do what everyone else is doing? If your ultimate aim is to never experience failure, never wrestle with uncomfortable questions, and never have to make up your own answers, then why not orient your choices around the consensus?

The question you need to ask yourself during moments when you’re tempted to live like this is “do I want to¬† design the kind of lifestyle that works for everyone or am I interested in building a unique legacy that’s tailored to my individual tastes, strengths, and preferences?”

Sometimes the most exciting places to visit are the ones you don’t see on the map. Sometimes the most thrilling adventures to embark on are the ones that require you to deviate from protcol. Sometimes the only way to get a taste of feeling truly alive is by bucking the status quo and vying for something beyond the standard, beyond spec, beyond sameness.

Radical success and revolutionary lifestyles may not be for everyone, but neither are maps.

Nothing works for everyone. Not even the things that are designed to work for everyone.

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