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In Case You’re Feeling Like A Loser

Don’t limit your concept of a good attitude to “being positive.”

It’s far more important that you focus on things like being healthy, being constructive, and being creative. Healthy decisions don’t always invoke positive feelings. Constructive activity doesn’t always feel inspiring. Being creative isn’t always accompanied by faith in the result.

Too many people walk around feeling defeated because they can’t get themselves to “think positive.” Forget about thinking positive then. Focus on the truth. Even it seems negative, focus on the truth and try to formulate the healthiest and most constructive plan of action you can find. Then act on it to the best of your ability regardless of how you feel. Sometimes inspiration is the response, not the catalyst, for doing your best before you feel your best.

The key to winning at life is remembering this basic concept: Winning doesn’t always feel like winning.

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