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Love Is A Gift, Respect Is A Reward

Love is a gift. People give it to you based on on their own subjective preferences and principles. Love isn’t necessarily based on your performance. You can be poor at math, poor at music, poor at basketball, poor at many things and still be loved.

Respect is a reward. People show you respect when you’ve done something to earn it. You earn respect by demonstrating competence or consistency in a given area. If you decide to become a real estate investor today, for instance, it will probably take some time before the rest of the world respects you as a real estate investor.

When seeking┬álove, don’t make the mistake of using respect as a way to get it. There’s nothing you can do to earn love. People don’t owe you their commitment and affection. Genuine interest can’t be negotiated. Love must be procured┬áby sincerity and favor.

When seeking respect, don’t make the mistake of using love as a way to get it. Respect isn’t necessarily based on love. It’s based on performance. A person can love you more than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean they’ll respect you in every single area of life. Respect must be gained through the gradual process of establishing credibility and building trust.

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