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Laugh While You Live

If you find it hard to laugh, you’ll find it hard to live.

Laughter is one of the ultimate forms of defiance and resilience. It signals to the universe that you are the kind of person who’s willing to smile or be silly even when things are going wrong.

And why is it important to retain your ability to smile or be silly when things are going wrong? Because there are always things that are going wrong. There’s always something to be serious about. Always.

Laughter is a spiritual practice that keeps us from equating seriousness with significance. It protects us from our self-destructive tendency to believe that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to enjoy life’s beauties and pleasures until every important  problem has been solved. And since that day is never going to come, we might as well learn to enjoy ourselves while we strive to make the world a better place instead of waiting for the permission of perfect circumstances.

Life is both a war and a party. We must fight for what is right, but what’s the point of fighting if we don’t stay in touch with our ability to celebrate the very rights we’re fighting for?

Fight for your right to live freely, but don’t forget to party for your right to laugh fully.

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