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The Power of Talking Walks, The Scariness of Success, & Why You Need Empathy to Change the World

Update #1: The Way of The Walker

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There’s an awesome new magazine called Design 4 Emergence that covers network dynamics, disruptive technology, systems thinking, design theory, complexity, futurism, and much more. I recently published a piece for them, along with my colleague Isaac Morehouse, on the revolutionary power of walking. In this piece, Isaac Morehouse and I share our views on why something a simple as taking a walk can be a surprising source of innovative ideas, creative inspiration, self-knowledge, and practical solutions. The name of the article is Taking a Walk as a Revolutionary Act. I think you’ll find it insightful and helpful as you navigate the creative challenges or everyday life. If you’d like to check out the article, just click on the picture above.

Update #2: Why Success is Scarier Than Failure

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In other news, I recently appeared on The Kellman Show to discuss failure and the fear of success. You can check out that episode by clicking on the picture above. To hear my past episode with Kellman on making ourselves great again, click here. To hear my past episode with Kellman on creativity and boredom, click here.

Update #3: You Can Criticize It, But Can You Change It?

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Lastly, I just published a piece on Medium about the importance of empathy and non-judgment as a key to changing the world. It’s called “Why Can’t You Be The Person I Want You To Be?” To check that one out, click on the picture above.

I hope you enjoy this latest slew of updates.

Cheers to the life you want to live,


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