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A League Of Your Own

You are the only you there is. This is your divine monopoly. No one can compete with you at being you.

Many will outwork you. Many will outsmart you. Many will outperform you. But none will outsource the irreducible complexity that is you.

The goal of life isn’t to outdo your peers. The goal is to shift your consciousness from the competitive plane to the creative plane, to make the leap from fighting over things that already exist to manifesting ideas and innovations the world has yet to taste.

You don’t have to be better than anybody at anything. You already achieved that goal as soon as you were born. Now it’s time for something more. It’s time to compete with your own mediocrity, your own self-defeating thoughts, your own resistance towards spiritual evolution.

There is only one competitor who stands in your way. It’s the self-doubt that stops you from realizing that no one can stand in your way.

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