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Rediscover Your Hidden Self

If you want to be fascinating, you have to be fascinated. If you want to be engaging, you have to be engaged. You have to find something that genuinely fires you up and you have to give your heart to it.

When George Washington Carver was asked how he knew so much about botany, he gave all the credit to his love for flowers. He said “If you love something enough, it will tell you its secrets.” His love for plant life made him intelligent and interesting in a way that healed and inspired others.

It’s impossible to dedicate your time, energy, and attention to something that makes you come alive without the energy of your aliveness becoming contagious. When you follow your heart, you become a source of inspiration for the people whose hearts beat to the same drum.

Your tribe is out there, but you have to stop obsessing over where they are, when they’ll come, how to track them down, and so forth. Seek the affection and approval of your own soul. Make love to solitude and let your passions whisper their secrets to you. Allow yourself to indulge in the things that beckon you without waiting on the permission of an audience. You don’t need to find the others. Rediscover your secret self and the others will no longer be hidden from you.

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