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Rest In Peace, Uncle Bruce

Uncle BruceI moved from Chicago to California about eight years ago in order to follow my dreams.

Lots of people wondered about my decision. Lots of people worried about my decision. Uncle Bruce called me every other week to let me know that he supported my decision.

He never questioned me. He never criticized me. He simply called to ask how I was doing and to let me know that he had my back.

My dreams never made him nervous. They just inspired him to recognize my need for love, affirmation, and support.

The world is filled with too many dream slayers and too few dream supporters. Today we lost one of the greatest dream supporters in the world and I send my deepest condolences to his wonderful family.

Uncle Bruce, may your soul rest in peace. And may your legacy live forever through those whom you loved, supported, and inspired.

I’m grateful to have known you and truly sad to have lost you.

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