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Let Your Conflicts Transform You

If you’re breathing right now, you probably have some conflicts you’re dealing with. This is the norm.

To live is to know the tension that characterizes the relationship between our goals, our obstacles, and our current state. Conflict isn’t evidence that you’re doing something wrong — it’s evidence that you’re doing something period. As long as your heart is beating, you’re going to experience circumstances and conditions that contrast with your desires.

The inevitability of contrast, however, isn’t just some fact about life that we have to begrudgingly accept. It’s also the wellspring of creative ideas, self-discovery, and personal growth. Conflict isn’t just a thing that gets in our way. It’s the thing that makes us go.

The proper response to conflict then, is to look for the opportunities within the obstacles, to see them as an invitation to evolve in a new direction. When we make ourselves available to the lessons beyond the pain, our troubles become our deepest source of transformation.

Conflict is not a curse. It’s a catalyst. Just as life is the source of conflict, conflict is the source of life.

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