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The Other Side of Truth

At some point in everyone’s lifetime,  we’re all told that the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow.

“The truth may not be what you *want* to hear,” we say, “but it’s what you *need* to hear.”

That’s true, but there’s more to truth than merely acknowledging all the ugly facts.

Here’s something else you should keep in mind about the truth:

Sometimes the truth is a pleasant thing to acknowledge.

Sometimes the truth is an easy pill to swallow.

Sometimes the truth is so delicious that it doesn’t need to be sugar-coated.

Sometimes it feels amazing to listen to someone tell us the truth about ourselves.

Sometimes it’s fun to face reality and own up to the facts.

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the truth is exciting, inspiring, addicting, uplifting, and beautiful.

We all know that the truth is what we need to hear, but sometimes the truth is also what we want to hear.

If you never experience the truth in this way, perhaps it’s time to broaden your conception of what it means to be honest, rational, scientific, philosophical, spiritual, truthful, or whatever.

Perhaps it’s time to realize that the truth is big enough to include things that are not fun to hear and things that are tremendously fun to hear.

If you see the truth as something that always needs to make you feel bad about yourself or your world, then you need to include more truths in your worldview.

For every ugly truth that’s difficult to acknowledge, there’s a beautiful truth that’s dangerous to ignore.


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