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In The End

It won’t matter how many Twitter followers you had.

It won’t matter how many “likes” you received for your Facebook status updates.

It won’t matter how viral your YouTube videos and Medium articles went.

It won’t matter how many people commented on your Instagram photos.

All that will matter will be how deeply you loved and how honestly you lived.

I once heard a character played by the actor Burgess Meridith in a Twilight Zone episode called “The Obselete Man”  refer to death at “the great equalizer.”


Our worldy possessions won’t do us much good in the grave. To live fully, we must strive to follow the advice of the late Myles Munroe and “die empty.” By “die empty”, Munroe meant that we should give this life all we have. We shouldn’t go to the grave with our work undone, our dreams untouched, and our dear ones unloved.

We all have our appointed day. When your hour comes, when you take your last breath, when you say goodbye to this world, I hope you know the privilege of having laid it all on the line for causes worth fighting, art worth creating, and purposes worth fulfilling.

I hope the same for myself.

In the meantime, let’s hold each other accountable.



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