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Hard Work Isn’t Beneath You

If you believe that hard work is below you, you’ll experience success as something that’s too far above you.

Success isn’t about passively manifesting things with magical mind power, it’s about fulfilling your potential as a creative being by actually participating in the process of altering the world with your everyday choices.

That is, success is far more about you, your journey of self-discovery, and your opportunity to experience yourself as a force of nature, as a person whose presence makes a difference, as an individual whose actions have tangible impact.

Instead of avoiding work, or despising work, or looking down on yourself for having to work, embrace work as a gift, as an outlet for the expression of your creative ideas, as a foundation upon which to build your legacy, as the incubator through which you will give birth to all that you love.

Work hard. Take pride in the work you do. Hold your head up high no matter where you work.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for something better or higher. Just be sure to aim higher from a place of self-love and self-respect.

Before You Quit Your Day Job, Quit Despising Yourself For Having One.


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