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Life is About…

Life isn’t about money, but….

It also isn’t about any other one specific thing.

Life is a multifaceted phenomenon. To reduce its value to a single virtue, a single goal, or a single attribute is to do injustice to the vast array of elements that contribute to our pursuit of happiness, health, and whatever else we seek.

Life isn’t just about money, but neither is it just about making friends; neither is it just about getting enough sleep; neither is it just about spending time with your family; neither is it just about believing in yourself; neither is it just about having fun, being comfortable, working hard, paying your bills on time, enjoying good conversation, and so on.

Life is about learning to appreciate all the different ingredients that make our experiences meaningful.

Here’s a good formula for thinking about the things you pursue in life:

For any given pursuit, X, life is more than X, but not less than X.

That is, everything matters at some point in time, but nothing matters at every point in time.

Whether it’s making money or finding your soul mate, you are guaranteed to make yourself miserable if you treat any one thing as if it’s the end-all-be-all of life.

Don’t put money on a pedestal, but while you’re at it, don’t make the mistake of replacing it with something else. The problem isn’t money, it’s the pedestal. The solution isn’t a new pedestal, it’s a new way of thinking about this holistic, diverse, and multidimensional adventure that we call life.

Instead of erecting a pedestal to idolize one specific thing, build a palace and decorate it with elements of beauty from all things.

Life is about life, not our oversimplified attempts to make it about our limited definitions and agendas.

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