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Life is Filled with all sorts of Days

Some days feel like progress. Some days feel like regress. Some days feel like going around in a circle.

Some days are worth bragging about. Some days are worth complaining about. Some days don’t even seem worth mentioning at all.

Life is filled with all sorts of days: dramatic ones, beautiful ones, messy ones, inspiring ones, gloomy ones, confusing ones, and so on.

Sometimes you’ll have days that are so boring or so bad that they will seem to be more important than all the other days. When you have those days, remember the following:

Enjoy the “good” days (yes, I put that in quotes) and weather the storm on the “bad” days. But whatever you do, don’t make yourself miserable by insisting on every day being a good day in some dramatic or obvious way.

Misery is always the result of making too much or too little of a single day. No single day defines your entire life. Life is a journey. Life is a work of art. Life is an unfolding story. Life is a battle. Life is a game. Life is a dance. And just like any other journey, art, story, battle, game, or dance, the whole is greater than any of its single moments. Make the most of it….even when you feel like it the least.

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