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Selling Unpopular Ideas, Surviving Without Government, Lessons from Kobe Bryant, & The Value of Systems Thinking

Today I joined the Isaac Morehouse podcast to discuss a variety of topics ranging from Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to Life Without Government. These topics were selected based on questions emailed to Isaac by his blog readers and podcast listeners. Here’s the complete list of the questions/topics:

-The Valley of the Shadow of Debt and how to avoid it.
-Are boys are girls treated differently? What does it mean?
-How to sell unpopular ideas? Should you reform or revolutionize?
-What does Kobe Bryant’s 20 year tenure with a single team mean?
-Can we survive without government?
-What’s up with the graph about physicians and administrators?
-How do you deal with internet fame you didn’t want?

To check out this week’s episode of Friday’s with T.K., listen via SoundCloud (embedded below), iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher.

Additionally, my friends at the Human Curren Podcast released a reflection episode call Complexity in Context that features my conversation with them on systems thinking, conflict resolution, and why it’s so difficult to talk about race in America. I think you’ll enjoy the episode a lot. Check it out on SoundCloud via the link below:

I hope you enjoy the podcasts. In the meantime, create a great day.



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