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Be a Good Mother to Your Dreams

A mother is someone who conceives, gives birth to, or nurtures a child. Moreover, a mother prepares her offspring to function independently of her, to grow up and live autonomous lives.

This isn’t a Happy Mother’s Day post.¬†This is an invitation to everyone who has ever had an idea, a dream, a vision, or goal.

Here’s the invitation:

When it comes to your desires, do not stop at the level of conception.

Do not settle for merely being impregnated with a dream. Follow through on your creative ideas, even though the process may be painful, until you give birth to a new manifestation. And once you’ve successfully brought something forth, don’t stop there either. Nurture your creation. Invest in it. Make it grow strong.

Don’t settle for impacting the world with your individual charisma or charm. Give birth to something that¬†will continue to have life even after you’re gone.

To all who have done this, biologically or spiritually, Happy Mother’s Day.

To those who have not yet done this, consider my invitation.



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