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Dealing With The Bad Stuff

Bad stuff is going to happen no matter how much money we spend on “reforming the system.” Bad stuff is going to happen no matter how much preaching we do about the badness of bad stuff. Bad stuff is going to happen no matter how hard we try to put good people into positions of power.

If we insist on measuring the value of our efforts against the mere existence of bad stuff, then we will never see a basis for hope.

Bad stuff is here to stay. I know that’s bad news, but that’s just the way it is. We can deny it or we can fight it. We can submit to it or we can refuse to bow down in fear.

There’s a saying that “success is the sweetest revenge.” That is, the best counterattack against evil is the construction of something that is good.

When you see bad stuff happening all around you, don’t lose heart. Keep doing whatever you can to flood the world with the energy of creativity and freedom. Life isn’t an unobstructed walk through a heavenly park. It’s a heated war for our well-being. And sometimes we have to actually work very hard in order to create order out of the chaos.

Don’t delude yourself about the existence of evil, but don’t fall into the opposite trap of forgetting about your power to have an impact in spite of evil.

Optimism isn’t the denial of bad stuff. It’s the refusal to use bad stuff as an excuse to stop working on good stuff.

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