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One Of These Days, We’ll Truly Know What It Means To Be Skeptical

It’s amazing to see how much worry and concern you can stir up when you start telling people to respect themselves and their possibilities.

Stand up and shout something like “the world is going to hell” and people nod their heads and say “Yep, it sucks.” No evidence required. No definitions requested. No concerns about misunderstanding due to exaggeration expressed.

Suggest the possibility that people might have more options than they realize, however, and they become overnight scientists and semantic experts who demand proof and precision to the highest degree.

I love it though.

Skepticism is great. It’s going to be even greater when people start applying it to all the fear-based philosophies that govern their lives.

One of these days we’re going to wake up and realize that skepticism isn’t just something we should employ when people talk about buying lottery tickets and seeing UFO’s.

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