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Malcolm Gladwell, Blake Lively, Horror Movies, & Awkwardly Holy Moments

Are we too hard on writers and too easy on readers? When someone misunderstands or misapplies another person’s advice, we’re often very quick to chastise writers for failing to communicate effectively, but what about the readers? Do they have any responsibilities when engaging a text?

This week on the Isaac Morehouse Podcast, Isaac and I discuss the latest hoopla surrounding the recent criticism of Malcolm Gladwell’s popularization of the 10,000 hour rule. While we were at it, we weighed in on the so-called Blake Lively “controversy” and why I think the entire thing is overblown.

In addition to discussing the origin of creative ideas and how to let go of perfectionism, here are some other topics we delved into:

The Nirvana Fallacy, Kristen Stewart, Twilight, Malcolm Gladwell and his detractors, Scott Berkun, Agere Sequiter Credere, Paul Cantor’s Commerce & Culture, Blake Lively, The Waking Life, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Apparition, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Bruce Levine, Thundersqueak, Youth Pastors.

To listen, check us out via the link below:

I hope you enjoy.




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