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Take a Walk on the Skeptical Side

Once I started questioning everything, I realized that positive thinking wasn’t necessary.

Most of the negative things I needed positive thinking to overcome were just as questionable as the delusional forms of positivity that advised me to never speak ill of my circumstances.

When times are hard, we tend to look for hope and comfort in answers. What we really need during adversity, however, is the power and sense of possibility we gain from asking questions that lead to an analysis of our assumptions.

It’s our unearned certainty, not just our unpleasant circumstances, that ultimately does us in. It’s the unchallenged conviction that we’ve already heard it all, already seen it all, and already tried it all that closes our minds to innovative solutions and unconventional ideas.

The belief that all hope is lost isn’t just a cute and harmless expression of cynicism. It’s a claim to knowledge, a posture of confidence, which if not taken up with caution can easily lead to our self-destruction.

It has been well said that the truth will set us free. The truth won’t do any of us much good, however, if we aren’t relentless at questioning our claims to already be in possession of it.

Don’t focus on being positive. Focus on being truthful. When you question everything, you won’t have to force yourself to be positive about anything.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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