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An Open Challenge to the Outraged

You can be outraged at political injustice all day long, but you haven’t contributed anything to humanity’s quest for freedom until you’ve translated that outrage into constructive or creative action.

Merely having the emotional experience of being dissatisfied with political candidate X, political candidate Y, or political issue Z is not the equivalent of laying an actual challenge to the status quo.

Anger and frustration are valuable starting points for change, but they will never be a substitute for learning how to take risks in a world that is often cruel, unrewarding, and downright depressing. We must strive to innovate solutions and discover new possibilities in every environment no matter how harsh. This isn’t some kind of motivational platitude. It is literally the only way that our species has ever survived.

We are never going to experience freedom and prosperity by having it served to us on a plate by magical elves from Narnia.

Whatever freedoms we have, we are going to have to create those freedoms in the face of opposition and resistance. And if this is something that we can’t realistically do, we should at least do ourselves the justice of arriving at such a bold conclusion by the sincere willingness to do things we haven’t tried before.

No revolution has ever benefited from the unchallenged cynicism and pessimism of those who hang their heads on the sideline while resting in the self-righteous illusion that their defeatist philosophies make them superior to the people who are out there actually trying to move the world forward.

Be outraged all you want. But don’t pat yourself on the back for being a freedom fighter until you actually get up and do something.

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