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The Philosophy of Human Powerlessness is a Scam

“It’s amazing how much we can get done when we agree to get something done.” -Seth Godin

If your concept of being realistic means sitting around complaining about how none of our efforts will ever matter, you’ve been bamboozled.

Don’t believe the hype.

Never trust anyone who tells you that your life is doomed for failure and unhappiness independently of what you choose to do.

Never trust anyone who shoots down philosophies of hope without offering superior alternatives.

Never trust anyone who tells you it’s a waste of time to devote your energies to personal development and self-improvement.

Never trust anyone who tells you that you don’t have a right or rationale for focusing on your possibilities when times are difficult.

Never trust anyone who tells you that you should stop believing in the power of innovation, creativity, and human ingenuity simply because a bad candidate got elected for mayor, senator, president, or anything else. And never trust anyone who tells you that you have no power outside of who you vote for.

Never trust anyone who tells you that the existence of bad things constitutes an excuse for ignoring or giving up on good things.

There are a lot of people out there who equate their refusal to smile with being intelligent, sophisticated, and deeply concerned about the state of the world. Don’t believe the hype. If they’re not offering solutions, it’s all hype. If they’re not actively involved in doing something to help create a freer world, it’s all hype.

The people who encourage you to give up hope are not going to be around to comfort you if you follow their advice. And even if they are around, their comfort won’t mean anything if you’ve bought into their “nothing is worth doing” form of nihilism.

The next time someone comes along and chastises you for your refusal to give up on life, ask them this one simple question: What are you doing to make the world a freer place? If they have no answer to offer, call it for what it is: hype. Don’t believe it.

The philosophy of human powerlessness is a scam. It’s designed by people who have a vested interest in perpetuating the illusion that you are helpless without their continued micromanagement of your life. It’s a philosophy that’s designed to make you shut up, sit down, and silence yourself. It’s a philosophy that’s designed to keep you out of the way so that the status quo can go on without interruption or interference. You will never achieve happiness, success, or inner peace if you buy into it.

There is always something you can do. Taking the two seconds necessary to acknowledge that you neither know everything nor have tried everything is a great starting point.

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