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This is Never Going to Change

You can make a long, depressing, and horrifying list of all the evils in the world and that list still won’t change this one simple fact: The only chance that human beings will ever have of surviving is by being willing to engage in constructive and creative action in spite of adversity, hardship, and unfair opposition.

Whether we like it or not, there’s no way around that fact. If you want to make it in this world, you’re going to need to find a way to motivate yourself even when it seems like everything around you is trying to grind you under its feet.

That’s neither wishful thinking nor positive thinking. That’s called being an adult. That’s called being a rational and responsible individual. That’s called being a person who understands that external conditions are never ideal for doing the things that are worth doing.

Wherever you see evil happening, you should be truthful about it. But if you think being truthful about the existence of evil is enough, then you’re fooling yourself. Evil must be contested not only by our words of protest and feelings of disgust, but also by our pragmatic efforts to create elements of goodness even when it’s risky, even when it’s unpopular, even when it’s dangerous, even when it’s unpleasant, and even when it’s not probable that we’ll succeed.

If your process of talking about evil, or crying about evil, or making a list of all the things that are evil is distracting you from doing something about evil, then you’re allowing yourself to be deceived by just another more subtle form of evil.

If you need to take time to process your feelings of dicouragement and frustration, take all the time you need. There’s no point in suppressing your feelings and pretending like you’re okay when you’re not. But don’t let anyone lead you astray with the idea that your only option in life is to sit around and feel defeated until the day you die.

If you hope to ever see improvements in our world, you don’t have time for such hideous, dangerous, and evil ideas.

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