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Never Confuse Moods With Morality

There are two great attitudinal extremes: positivity without productivity and anger without action.

Being upbeat and optimistic doesn’t help anyone if you fail to translate your positive outlook into healthy choices and useful activities.

Ultimately, a positive outlook should lead to positive outcomes…or at least the effort to produce them.

On the other hand, being morally outraged and appalled doesn’t do any good if you fail to devote energy to the difficult task of finding and implementing solutions.

Instead of making a god out of the so-called positive emotions and a devil out of the so-called negative emotions, strive to be emotionally versatile. Aim to be the kind of person who lives a creative and constructive life in every emotional state.

Instead of looking at your feelings as the ultimate barometer for where you are in life, practice the art of seeing how your various sensations can be employed for good in their own unique way.

Every mood is a potential ally or a potential enemy depending on the kind of relationship you choose to build with it.

How you feel isn’t as important as what you do with what you feel.

Never confuse emotion with ethics. The world is filled with sober-faced saints and smiley-face sinners who mistake integrity for the mood they’re in. Don’t be one of them.

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