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Do it For You

The people who tell you to follow your dreams may not be around to comfort you if you fail.

The people who tell you to play it safe, may not be around to console you if you regret your choices.

Not only are there zero guarantees in the pursuit of success, but there are also zero guarantees in the realm of how others will react to what your life eventually becomes.

If you’re at peace with yourself, then it doesn’t matter if the risk-takers think you’re a sellout or if the responsible folks think you’re a weirdo.

If you’re not at peace with yourself, however, then it really doesn’t matter who feels proud of you or who feels impressed with you.

Your happiness isn’t just about what you do, it’s also about who you do it for. So whether you “follow your dreams” or do something else, do it for you.

The goal isn’t to impress others with your “passionate” life nor is it to appease others with your “responsible” choices. The goal is to live in a way that makes you say “I’m proud of myself for going after what I wanted” even if you don’t end up getting everything you thought you’d get.

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