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There are No Guarantees. There Are Also No Excuses.

“Become who you are; there are no guarantees.” -Christopher S. Hyatt

Dream big. Not because everything will work out, but because it’s the only way to rise above mediocrity.

Listen to your heart. Not because it will lead you to paradise, but because it’s the only way to avoid the self-deterioration that comes from tuning out your own convictions.

Keep your head up. Not because your obstacles aren’t real, but because you can’t move forward until you focus on something more than obstacles.

Make the best of every situation. Not because it always results in a good time, but because it’s always better to make a situation better than it is to make it worse.

The world is not always going to feel like a magical, beautiful, loving, and rational place. Sometimes, perhaps most times, it seems impersonal, ugly, harsh, and mind-boggling. But that’s no excuse for dreaming small, ignoring your convictions, putting your head down, and making things worse.

Whether you win or lose, fulfill your potential. Whether you get what you want or not, find worthy goals and pursue them.

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