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Freedom is the Journey and the Destination

There is no version of the universe where freedom is experienced as an unchallenged and permanently secure reality.

If we were able to magically transform our world into a completely free society, that very freedom would still be threatened at all times by the mere existence of disagreement and diversity.

In a free society, people would have different ideas about how freedom should be enjoyed and these differences would give rise to fears, concerns, uncertainties, suspicions, and the formation of various alliances designed to protect special interests.

Even in a utopia, there are people who don’t like utopias. The love of freedom will never be afforded the luxury of living in a vacuum. It will always exist alongside the possibility of its own negation.

Freedom is an infinite game, not a finite game. That is, it will never win any victories that cannot be undermined by a lack of vigilance.

Enjoy the victories, but stay vigilant.

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