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While You’re Busy Making Your Point, Don’t Miss The Point

If you can’t find a way to enjoy people’s company because of differences in your political philosophy, you might be missing the point of having a political philosophy.

What’s the point of arguing about freedom if you can’t enjoy the¬†freedoms you already have? What’s the point of having freedom if you can’t use that freedom to meaningfully connect and collaborate with others? What’s the point of worrying about your freedoms if you don’t give yourself permission to act on them merely because of the existence of people who disagree with you?

The point of politics isn’t to spend all your time being angry¬†at other people about politics.

It’s amazing to see how free you can feel when you’re not spending all your energy being annoyed at the people who don’t believe in your concept of freedom.

The love of freedom is beautiful, but so is the freedom to love.

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