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Nothing is More Bad Ass Than a Good Attitude

A healthy, constructive, and forward-looking attitude isn’t for people with zero knowledge of pain and suffering; it’s for people who are getting their hats handed to them in the worst way. It’s for the people who are hurting, the people who are losing, the people who are feeling less and less motivated to believe in life.

A good attitude doesn’t mean “sit on your butt, fake a smile, say nice things, and force yourself to feel good about all the screwed up stuff that’s going on in your life.”

A good attitude means “accept that your problems are a reality, refuse to treat your current perception of reality as if it’s final, and try to take the most constructive course of action you can find regardless of how bad you feel.”

A good attitude is an attitude that recognizes the following: Life neither has to feel good nor be good in order for you to do good.

Nothing is more bad ass than a good attitude. It’s only the good attitude that says “Even though things are bad, I will not resign to wallowing in my bad feelings. I will be the kind of person who does things because they’re right, not because they’re easy, convenient, or unchallenged.”

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