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It Doesn’t Matter What You Coat It With

Shit-coating the truth is when you:

1) refuse to acknowledge a truth because you don’t want to admit something positive 2) downplay the significance of a positive fact because you’ve built your personal brand around the image of not being easily impressed or 3) engage in the practice of making positive facts sound worse than they actually are.

Shit-coating is irrational and irresponsible. That’s not because shit-coating is impolite. That’s because shit-coating is dishonest.

Don’t make things complicated by forcing yourself to be a Pollyanna.

The solution to shit-coating isn’t forcing yourself to stand around admiring the beauty of flowers all day.

The solution to shit-coating isn’t making awkward efforts to point out positive stuff that everybody already knows.

The solution to shit-coating isn’t trying to become more upbeat or cheerful.

It’s much simpler than that.

The solution is to simply be honest when you’re confronted with facts. Just as it’s reckless to pretend that ugly facts are false, it’s also reckless to pretend that beautiful facts are false.

You can still be annoyed by motivational speakers if you want. You can still have a grumpy no-nonsense personality if that’s what suits you. You can still roll your eyes when you see inspirational quotes with rainbows and lollipops. You can still keep a tough “I’m not easy to be friends with” exterior.

Just try not to confuse being honest and straightforward with being a grouch all the time.

Integrity isn’t just a matter of refusing to sugar-coat the crappy stuff. It’s also a matter of refusing to shit-coat the sweet stuff.

If you can’t muster up the honesty to admit positive truths, you can hardly be trusted in your delivery of the negative ones.

Be yourself (even if you’re grumpy). Be truthful (whether the truth is pleasant or painful). And just forget about coating the truth altogether.

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