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In Whatever Way You Can Be Free, Be Free

Be free from the unnecessary suffering that accompanies thoughts of self-hate and self-defeat. Be free from unhealthy obsessions with what others think of you.  Be free from thoughts of self-condemnation that haunt you because of your past.

Be free to initiate new beginnings. Be free to entertain new ideas. Be free to explore new ways of being. Be free to reinvent yourself.

Be free to let go of things that are not worthy of you. Be free to say “no” to what turns you off and be free to say “yes” to what fires you up. Be free to stop orienting your life around things that aren’t truly a priority to you. Be free to dream the dreams that are actually yours.

Be free to affirm the beauty that is uniquely you: the size of your ears, the size of your nose, the shape of your face, the blemishes on your skin, the body given to you by nature. It is what it is. Be free to celebrate yourself as you are.

In whatever way you can be free, be free.

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