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You Can’t Complain Your Way Out of a Problem

Jeff Bezos wrote “complaining is not a strategy.”

If all you’re interested in doing is making yourself look right or righteous, then complaining is THE way to go. If all you’re looking to do is blow off some steam, express frustration, and release a little anger without regard to achieving any further results, then complaining is the way to go.

If you’re interested, however, in things like making art, building businesses, commanding respect from your peers, breaking self-defeating habits, improving your relationships, evading mediocrity, or just getting shit done, then complaining won’t do anything for you until you stop doing it and start directing your thoughts, words, and activities towards a constructive ideal.

You have a right to keep complaining

You have a reason to keep complaining.

But neither of those things will get you a reward for complaining.

Rewards only belong to those who commit to the process of wishing for new things, imagining new things, trying new things, and creating new things.

If you’re happy with a life of complaining, keep on complaining.

But if you don’t like the results you’re getting, maybe it’s time to start a new conversation and a new course of action.

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