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Should We Pay Attention to Negative Realities

There are literally billions of facts, both positive and negative, that are true at every moment. So no matter how hard we try to be informed, we will all necessarily ignore billions of facts per day.

When people try to “inform” us, we should never assume without evidence that we need to focus on the information they’re pushing out. This is necessary for both sanity and survival.

Some truths demand our attention, but not all.

If you find yourself constantly being disturbed by so-called negative truths, don’t just assume that you need to keep giving them your attention. Always think critically about the information you’re consuming. Don’t just ask “Is it true?” Also ask questions like “Do I really need to know about this? Why?” “What can I do with this information?” “Is this information relevant to my life?” “Are there other things it would be better for me to focus on?”

You can’t get through life by putting your head in the sand, but you also can’t survive by letting people dump every single piece of bad news into your brain just because someone else decided it was important.

These were some of the thoughts I expressed on a recent Facebook Live session about the importance of having high standards of evidence for what kind of information you choose to pay attention to.


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