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Praxis Weekend

Praxis weekend abc

I just spent an awesome weekend in Austin, Texas hanging out with my participants and fellow team members from Praxis.

We enjoyed a fun weekend that included everything from an American Idol/Shark Tank themed business pitch competition to a keynote presentation from Evan Baehr (cofounder of Able).

Praxis weekend collage 2

After our pitch competition, I decided to do a spontaneous Facebook live session. I was joined by three of my participants: Ryan Ferguson, Abby Lovett, and Charles Porges.

The topics we covered include:

  • How you can get a better real-world education with just a microphone, a laptop, and your voice.
  • Why starting a podcast is easier than you think
  • How to overcome the fear of taking creative risks
  • Tips for effective public speaking
  • Why you need to practice public speaking even if you don’t want to be a professional speaker
  • How to create work you love
  • Taking yourself seriously even when you’re young

It was a fun session. Check it out and let me know what you think.




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